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Rainbow Six Siege: An Epic FPS for Betting

What makes a perfect tactical shooter? Ubisoft knows well: its nonlinear gameplay. They’ve applied that to one of their most successful products: Rainbow Six.

This game takes its roots back in 1999. That’s when the first part of the franchise came out. Players warmly accepted the game, but it didn’t become a banger. We can’t say about Rainbow Six: Siege.

This tactical-shooter masterpiece saw the world on 9 June 2014. Quickly, it has attracted many competitive players and sponsors, forming the eSports scene. By 2023, the game got huge. It has regular events with prize pools of up to $3 000 000 and 60+ million players.

This signs how successful Rainbow Six betting is. But there is more to learn, proving that wagering on R6 is worth your time and money. First, let’s see why the game is unique.

R6 Siege eSports Modes

For diversity, Ubisoft has added several competitive modes in R6. Each has two teams of 5: defenders and attackers. To win in a round, a team must kill all the enemies or complete a mode objective:

  • Bomb. This mode features a facility with two bombs inside. A defending team strives to explode them, while attackers try to prevent that. So they have to reach and defuse bombs to win. If they can’t, defenders prevail;
  • Hostage. Like in a “Bomb” mode, defenders must protect a hostage by keeping him in a building. While attackers must carefully extract a prisoner;
  • Secure Area. Again, defenders have to protect an objective – now, a biohazard. Conversely, the attacking team must fight their way in and steal it.

Moreover, these modes take place on different maps. So each time you make Rainbow Six bets, you’ll see a different spectacle.

Operators – The Uniqueness of Rainbow Six Siege

However, game modes and maps are inherent to most tactical-shooters. What’s unique to R6 is operators.

These are characters everyone has to pick before the Rainbow Six Siege match. There are 65 of them. Each has a set of unique abilities, allowing them to control or change the map and interact with teammates and opponents.

For instance, there is an operator with a giant sledgehammer. By using it, he doesn’t necessarily have to walk apparent paths. He can just destroy a wall and approach an objective from a creative angle.

On the other hand, there are intelligence operators. They introduce observing devices to give information to their team. With their help, players track the enemy’s movement and can outplay them more easily.

Rainbow Six Siege Betting Markets at GG.Bet

Betting on Rainbow Six is never tedious due to the choice of markets. Any player can pick a betting type that suits their wagering skills. Moreover, you can make multiple bets per match/event to win even more. Check out these available betting types.

Traditional Bets

GG.Bet bookmaker covers all the standard markets for Rainbow 6 betting. These are:

  • Match Winner;
  • Totals;
  • Handicap;
  • etc.

They are fine for starters. Even though they offer moderate odds, they are safe. But if you know the game well and want to raise lots of cash, the next bet types are for you.

Prop Bets with Increased Odds

R6 Siege has a ton of different prop bets, playing around specific in-game events. Such bet types include:

  • First blood drawer;
  • MVP of the match;
  • How long the match goes;
  • Winner of the map;
  • Number of kills (of a team or a player);
  • etc.

If your knowledge allows you to predict any of these, do it. They have very rewarding Rainbow Six odds.

Outright Bets: Who Will Be the Winner of the R6 Tournament?

If you know everything about R6 teams before the event launches, consider outright betting. It lets you bet on the tournament winner at its start. A very risky market. But if you can pull this off, your reward will be very impressive.

Live R6 Betting – Choose the Outcome in Real Time

For extremely careful and precise punters, there is Rainbow Six betting in live option. They let you watch the gameplay for a few minutes and then bet on outcomes. But consider that the odds will shift according to any in-game changes.

GG.Bet delivers extra comfort for live bettors. We have live streams on the match pages. So you can watch the game and bet right below it – no need to switch sites.

Top 10 R6 eSports Teams to Bet On

During its long eSports period, the game has formed a list of leading R6 pro teams. They are traditionally safer betting options with consistent results. Take a look at the best 10 of them:

Team Country Prize Money Number of Awards
G2 ESports Germany $2,708,495 5 first places at S-tier events
w7m eSports Brazil $1,048,432 2 first places at S-tier and A-tier events
Team BDS Switzerland/France $2,435,845 3 first places at S-tier events and 3 at A-tier
M80 United States $589,000 1 first place at A-tier event and 1 second place at S-tier
Oxygen eSports United States $865,250 1 first place A-tier event and 2 second places at A-tier
Team Liquid Netherlands/Brazil $1,779,209 1 first place at S-tier event and 4 first places at A-tier
CYCLOPS athlete gaming Japan $741,904 3 first places at A-tier events and 3 at B-tier
Soniqs United States $504,750 1 first place and 3 second places at A-tier events
FaZe Clan United States/Brazil $1,188,865 2 first places at S-tier events and 1 at A-tier

The Biggest Rainbow Six Tournaments

GG.Bet as one of the top Rainbow Six betting sites creates favorable conditions for betting on major events of the game. They get the best odds, more types of bets, and even separate promotions. Here are several remarkable competitions:

  • Six Invitational. This is the biggest R6 Championship sponsored by Ubisoft themselves. It always starts in February and marks the end of the competitive year, inviting leading teams. They fight for the exceptional prize of $3 000 000+;
  • Six Major. This top event gathers regional players to compete for the leading season position. Ubisoft also conducts it and runs in all seasons. The prize is currently $750 000;
  • Pro League. Finally, the smallest Rainbow Six Siege tournament among all these, but still pretty big for eSports. Started in 2016, Pro League keeps gathering the world’s best players around itself. They’ll have to fight for the increasing event’s prize, which is currently $290 000.

When you betting on Rainbow Six on any of these, you are getting not only the best odds but also amazing matches. All the participants are players of the highest class.

Tips to Rainbow Six Betting

If you are new to Rainbow Six betting, there are several points you should know. Learn these for better wagering results:

  • Know all the basic aspects of the game, the features of each map, and the capabilities of the operators. This is basic information that will let you understand the game. This will enable you to predict matches;
  • Explore the game strategies of the leading teams. What really helps increase your betting accuracy is digging into the teams, their strategies, and win conditions. You can learn that through analyzing eSports bloggers/forums;
  • Realistically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of opponents. Based on strategies and other conditions, know the strong and weak team points. Use this to compare opposing teams and your Rainbow Six betting will improve;
  • Experiment with different types of bets. Once you’ve got the previous points, you can proceed to more difficult bets. Experiment with them. Find what works best for you and take advantage of it;
  • Start with small amounts. Don't go too heavy when you make your first Rainbow Six bet. Get a feel for the game. When it comes, carefully increase the bet sizes.

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Rainbow Six Siege has everything that a modern bettor needs. The game contains modes, maps, and operators, making each match unique. You won’t get bored with it. While the developed eSports segment will delight you with constant betting opportunities.

Expand your capabilities even more by selecting the best Rainbow Six Siege betting site as GG.Bet. We have a constant flow of R6 events to bet on and offer you generous promotions. One of them – a 350% Welcome Bonus – awaits you right now!